About Us

Socotra H Tours Agency


About US

Socotra H Tours Agency based in Socotra Island entirely managed by Socotri young men all born in Socotra and living on Socotra since then. We are a group of experienced Socotri young men who provide eco-tourism services to our customers who are planning to visit Socotra Island. We do eco-conscious touring in order to preserve this unique and fragile environment.

Al-Hamed Tourism has well- experienced field guides, well- trained, drivers and cooks. Moreover the Agency is able to provide accommodation in the hotels, camping sites and provide camping equipments.

Our Objectives

  1. To show the beauty of our island to travelers and to give them a deep understanding of our nature, our culture and our people.
  2. To improve the life of the local people by paying them a fair income in order to support the island economy.
  3. To maximizing the benefits of our trips to the local community and minimizing the negative impact associated with tourism.
  4. To employ local people, not just to benefit the local economy, but also to give you a real sense of the local culture.


Our Team

ceo - abdulah alhamed

Abdullah Ahmed Al-Hamed

E-mail: alhamed@atsi-socotra.com
Mobile: +967 777 210 276