Socotra Dream Island

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

7 Days Tour in Socotra Island Itinerary


Dec 16, 2018

We will pick you up at the airport and transport you to Socotra Tourist hotel. After lunch we will drive you to Ayhaft Canyon where ...

Dec 16, 2018

After Breakfast we will drive to the western part of the island where a little fishermen’s town of Qalansyia is located. It ...

Dec 16, 2018

After breakfast in Detwah, we will go for a boat trip to Shu’ab. We will surely meet some Spinner Dolphins along the way with ...

Dec 16, 2018

After breakfast, we will make our way by 4×4 vehicle to Diksam plateau and Shebahon viewpoint. This area is renowned for dragon ...

Dec 16, 2018

After breakfast we will drive to the south of the island, with visits to villages along the way. Our first destination is Amak ...

Dec 16, 2018

After breakfast we will drive to nearby Dihamri marine protected area. It boasts with one of the richest coral reefs on the ...

Dec 16, 2018

This morning, we will make an early start to drive to the base of Hoq cave in Terbak village. Before the sunshine gets too hot, we ...

Dec 16, 2018

After an early breakfast, we will drive you to the Socotra airport for flying back to the mainland

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